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zosyli20 / Leden / zosyli20



1355 keer bezocht sinds 28 April 2016, 05:28
Naam Zosyli20 Zosyli20
Geboortedatum 10-5-1983
Leeftijd 35
Woonplaats ddddddd, Verenigde Staten

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'HYT SKULL Watches cheap on here'

Geplaatst 19 Juni 2017, 09:38


SIHH 2016 - with MB & F HM6 SV Sapphire Vision

fake Richard Mille RM 27-03 watches.New MB & F HM6 SV Sapphire Vision is not your typical watch. It will not be a watch that attracts a large audience. However, this is the superb performance of MaxBsser & Friends. Love it, hate it, find it strange or too extreme, there is one thing is certain, you can not deny it again redefine the concept of tabulation. That's what we see from an independent watchmaker: the risk. Even in the Monochrome-Watches team, MB & F HM6 SV Sapphire Vision did not reach a consensus. Anyway, it's not for ...

MB & F HM6 SV Sapphire Vision is part of the Horological Machines series. The brand of another collection, heritage machines respect the traditional tabulation of the code (round case, classical complications, such as the calendar and the movement of the old order), "watch machine" series completely broke these rules, highly creative thinking like HM1, HM2 (yes, that strange frog or spacecraft), HM4 (no, it will not fly at supersonic), HM5 (no, no exhaust, no V12) or HMX (collected small Baby), HM6 is a weird UFO ... can we call it a watch? Then it tells the time ... but for the rest, except that you will find a gear train and an escapement, it would be hard to compare it with Patek Philippe Calatrava.

fake HYT H1 Hydro Mechanics watches.MB & F HM6 SV Sapphire Vision is a new visual iteration based on previous MB & F HM6 space pirates. While this first edition reviewed the 1970s and the 1980s ("Comic Future" or "Flam Captain" - depending on where the program was played), Sapphire Vision uses the same mechanical basis, the same display and the same overall shape Guided by the shape of the movement), but added another inspiration, more classical, more retro: the 1950s and 60s of the "Streamliner" bus, their transformation of some decorative arts style. The flat surface, the long horizontal aerodynamic line on the case and the warmer colors are integrated in the basic concept. But not only that you will have more: sapphire. More sapphire.

Although the first MB & F HM6 is based on a huge case with a rounded "biological form" shape that looks like a cartoon spacecraft, the MB & F HM6 SV sapphire vision is still considered HM6, but is completely different treat. It is based on the sandwich structure of precious metal cassettes between two transparent sapphire crystal panels. The "ring" in the movement is decorated with "streamline" lines, made of 18k red gold or 950 platinum. It supports complex articulated lugs, helping to place the watch on the wrist. both sides, MB & F chooses transparency, not only the dome is made of glass, but the entire sheet is made of this material. This situation actually includes 11 complex crystals (the top has a plane, the top has five dome, a top of the bottom of a shape of the crystal, and the other four dome). All of which are made of sapphire crystal solid blocks - considering that this is the second most difficult material behind the diamond, we can tell you that this is not easy to achieve. Due to the special bonding process under vacuum in a high temperature oven, all of these are carefully fixed on the transparent plate. The result is a seamless structure. In addition, some of these dome are screen printed on the inner surface. Finally, you can see the surrounding blue ring is actually a waterproof gasket, self-produced colorful, super-visible. Obviously, this is a very complicated example.




The result is a completely transparent situation, so that the whole movement appears - a movement that is exactly the same as the normal HM6. This movement is clearly in common with the traditional way of establishing caliber. Its shape is guided by the display (two vertical dome), the complications are: automatic winding, tourbillon and turbine-controlled winding system. Therefore, around the central part of the movement, we can find four protrusions. Two, in front, through two rotating hemispherical aluminum dome shows time - 1 is given hours and another minute. This is actually the only indication of MB & F HM6 SV sapphire vision. The rest is purely decorated - but obviously more interesting is to see. The other two protrusions at the top of the watch, shaped like a turbine, are the regulators of the winding system. If the winding rotor starts to rotate too fast - most likely due to the height of the wrist active movement - the air friction on the turbine increases, so the winding rotor will be slowed down to protect the movement.


At the top of the watch, in the middle, sitting on the tourbillon, the tourbillon often rotates every minute. Like the "space pirate", this tourbillon can be protected by a retractable hemispherical shield, the four-sided overlapping arc-shaped blade surrounds the tourbillon. The cover is operated by the crown on the left side of the cabinet. This very complex movement has been developed and assembled by MB & F and has a particularly imaginative part. Use no basic exercise here and then modify it. It is a total of 475 parts, all hand-finished, with 72 hours of power reserve. Obviously, this is an impressive engine.

On the wrist, the previous HM6 is far from reaching a consensus and careful, taking into account its huge size and very unusual shape. With the MB & F HM6 SV sapphire vision, we have quite antonymic discretion. In addition to this completely transparent shell and blue washers, plus the belt off, really crazy. To some extent, it also reminded some versions of HM2, a completely covered with sapphire and plain strap strap, a retro version? No, it is not true.fake Corum Golden Bridge Watches


This sapphire visual effect (51mm 50mm 22.7mm), light weight, bright color, interior sculpture style. There is nothing screaming here. On the other hand, for the correct core watch lovers, the story will be different. Love it, hate it or call it genius or ugly ... this is not a pleasant audience, but everyone must admit that such a watch is bold, whether it is technical (for sports or construction cases), and design. If you first view the first visual impact and further observe, this MB & F HM6 SV sapphire vision (as well as some URWERK creation, such as the nearest T-Rex, or from HYT) is a bold, unconnected independent tabulation definition. There is no limit, pure creativity and personal inspiration. It has a soul and a huge brand that can never be realized. So, once again, some of you will hate it, but everyone must admit that some courage is needed to create such a watch. And we love fake skeleton watches



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